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Helping Others

The premise is simple: Help prevent people in danger of becoming homeless from becoming homeless. And
help those who are already homeless to back on their feet.

Look around you. Chances are there is someone at your workplace or someone you interact with every day
who is dangerously close to becoming homeless. All it takes is an unexpected illness, a job loss or something
as mundane as a car repair to push someone into homelessness.

These people are silently enduring their existence all around you. These are good, hardworking people, most
of whom have jobs, who simply don’t have any extra to cover unexpected life events. Events that radically turn
their lives upside down.

Ann and her husband both lost their jobs within weeks of each other. They struggled to hold on to their
apartment but were evicted when they could not come up with rent. With their 7-year old son, they moved in
with relatives who were barely hanging on financially themselves. Ann finally found a job. Then their car broke
down. The repair cost only $210, but she didn’t have it. She lost her job when she couldn't get there. Her
relatives were evicted and they all ended up sleeping in their broken down car.

Imagine if $210 stood between you and a chance at a normal life. Imagine how many people you interact with
every day who simply don’t make enough to take care of unexpected emergencies. They care for your children,
wait on you at restaurants, stores and at the insurance office, some even stand in the pulpit at your church on
Sunday morning. The poor are all around you. They suffer in silence and they need your help.

Here’s how this works. You help by giving to the general fund, where we decide who is most critical, or you can
sponsor a family and your donation goes directly to them. You can fully sponsor a need or you can partially
sponsor a need. You choose.

We assist with all the things most current social service agencies don’t cover. Some of the things we cover are:

Hygiene (shampoo, soap, etc.). Food stamps and food banks don’t provide hygiene items. No one does.
Hygiene items are expensive but necessary to be presentable to work. We usually provide gift cards to allow
our families to buy the brands they prefer. Please Donate for this need.

Car Repairs. Some of our families still have a viable car that needs repairs either to pass state inspection or
to keep it running so they can get to work or look for work. Please Donate for this need.

Gasoline. Gasoline is expensive and your help with gas takes a financial burden off our families. We give
this help in the form of gas gift cards. Please Donate for this need.

Underwear. Even people struggling financially need underwear and bras. Many organizations have second
hand clothes for our family, but none hand out bras and underwear. These intimate items are considered to
unsanitary to hand by most charities, so we provide brand new underwear and bras that we purchase
specifically for our families. Please Donate for this need.

Pet Care. Many of our families have to surrender beloved pets when an unexpected event changes their
financial situation. It’s a shame to lose a pet for a temporary financial crisis. We provide gift cards to pet stores
and pay directly for veterinarian care, where applicable. Please Donate for this need.

Cell Phone. Most charities will pay a landline phone bill but won’t pay a cell phone bill. Some of our families
are in shelters, temporary housing, living with relatives or homeless, and only have the cell phone option
available to them to be reachable for job hunting or emergencies. Please Donate for this need.

Miscellaneous. Some of our families need help with very specific things, such as, travel expenses to go to a
funeral, job hunting expenses, babysitting, household repairs or replacing appliances, or any other expense
that most people can easily handle. Please Donate for this need.

Fast Food. We also give gift cards to fast food restaurants (McDonalds, Subway, etc.) to distribute to our
families. The fast food restaurant gift cards are particularly needed for our homeless clients so they can have
hot ready-to-eat meals. You can either donate for us to buy cards, or you can donate a gift card. Please write
the amount of the card ($5, $10 or $20) in permanent marker directly on the card when mailing them to us. We
prefer small increment cards. This saves us from having to call the merchant to determine the value of the card.
Please Donate for this need.

Or if you prefer to mail gift cards to:  Be Fruitful Alliance, P. O. Box 3653, Houston, TX 77253-3653


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