CEO... Christians
Encouraging Outbursts
CEO... Christians
Encouraging Outbursts

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"Think of ways to
encourage one
another to outbursts
of love and good
--  Hebrews 10:24
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Customer Service Basics for Small Businesses

Customer service is a component of every business whether your business is a small retail shop, a personal
service company, a manufacturer or a non-profit organization.  

Customer service encompasses any type of contact with your customers - telephone, fax, Internet, face to face,
walk-ins, appointments, written communications, verbal communications, advertising and your employees.  

Even your company policy affects customer satisfaction – exchanges, returns, payment options, fees, hours of
operation, organizational structure and rules that can...


Five Guaranteed Ways to Get Better Customer Service

Customer service, customer care, customer relations or whatever you want to call it has certainly lost its focus –
the customer. Horror stories abound about waiting hours to get a simple problem resolved. Customers now expect
to be on terminal hold, expect to argue for their rights, expect to deal with someone thousands of miles away in a
foreign country who doesn’t understand American culture, and expect to repeatedly ask for the next level
manager until they ultimately slam the phone down in disgust, start cussing up a storm or both.


Can Too Much Technology Hurt Your Business?

Our country is a fast-paced technology driven world, increasingly run by managers who rose from the ranks of
information technology (IT).  This “tech” slant is starting to backlash, leaving a trail of failing businesses in their

Emphasizing technology as the solution to people problems is impacting the bottom line of many businesses
without many managers even understanding why they are seeing slipping brand and customer loyalty, falling
sales and eventually business failure.  Too much technology can hurt your business.


Missing the Mark on the Over 45 Market

Are companies missing the mark when it comes to meeting the needs of the over 45 market? Absolutely!

Consumers over 45 years of age, specifically the aptly named “Baby Boomers” (those born between 1946 and
1962) are feeling slighted by many companies. Boomers comprise between 78 and 96 million individuals in the
United States today. More than half of the population is expected to be over 50 by the year 2010.

This segment represents a very lucrative opportunity for many products and services, and not just retirement
funds and senior homes. But the problem is product designers don’t know how to design for this segment,
because Boomers are not their parents.


Rethinking Marketing to the Over 45 Market        

Consumers over the age of 45 are not geezers waiting to die!  

Consumers over 45, specifically the aptly named “Baby Boomers” (those born between 1946 and 1962), are still
very much in touch, up-to-date and interested in life and their work. Demographic researchers have pegged the
Boomer consumer as the most driven, competitive group of consumers ever. They are constantly seeking new
ideas and better products.

Yet American companies are virtually ignoring Boomers in favor of the highly coveted 18 to 24 year old market.
And these companies are ignoring Boomers to their...


Good Job Candidates on Paper Doesn’t Always Translate to Good Employees

Getting a great job has never been more difficult. For both the job seeker and the hiring company, the job search
is often an exercise in wasted time and money.

With the advent of the computer, many people have become faceless in the business world. Technological
advances like the cell phone, PDA, Blackberry, VOIP, instant messaging and blogging have removed the
personality of the user behind the technology.

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