"No man can do these
miracles that thou
doest, except God be
with him."
-- John 3:2
"I beg you that when I
come I may not have to
be as bold as I expect to
be toward some people
who think that we live
by the standards of this
world. For though we
live in the world, we do
not wage war as the
world does."
-- 2 Corinthians 10:2-3
Healing Articles

When You Need Healing

When you need healing, what do you do? Do you obsessively Google your symptoms to learn all you can
about it? Rush to the nearest doctor for a prescription? Troll vitamin stores looking for supplements that
match your symptoms? Go on radical or restrictive diets to bring about healing? Call everyone you can think
of to get advice and more solutions to try?

Most people approach healing completely wrong. They believe the more they know about their condition, the
more they will feel empowered to get better.


What Stops Your Healing? (audio file)

You've been prayed for over and over but nothing seems to happen. Or worse, you get healed instantly but it
comes back. Why?  


Why Does God Allow Suffering? (audio file)

People claim that they don't believe in God because He allows us to suffer. What kind of God would allow that
to happen?  


Focusing on Being Sick Makes You Sicker (audio file)

Being sick is tough but if you spend a lot of effort and time thinking about being sick, it actually makes you
sicker. What does God have to say about being healed?


How Hard Do You Have to Work to Get Healed? (audio file)

The world has taught us that we have to do all sorts of things before we can get healed, but that's not what
God says. Find out how to get healed God's way.  


Why God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers (audio file)

Sometimes God doesn’t seem to answer prayers, no matter how long and hard you beg and plead for Him to
help you. The answer is found in the book of Isaiah. Find out what it is that makes God ignore your prayers.  


Why Did God Take My Child? (audio file)

When you lose someone close to you we often ask God why. Why did you take my child? God is not the one
who brings you pain. Understanding why this happens will bring you comfort even if you don’t totally
understand why.  


There are Two Kinds of Christians (audio file)

All Christians are not alike. There actually are two kinds of Christians. This doesn’t refer to religious
denominations or the various theologies; it refers to true Christianity versus false Christianity. The problem
today is that false Christianity is actually keeping people away from God instead of bringing them closer to
Him. It can often be difficult to tell the difference between true Christian teachings and false Christian
teachings. Learn some of the ways to tell the difference.  


If God Loves Us, Why is He So Mean in the Bible? (audio file)

God does a lot of “bad” things in the Old Testament in the Bible. God literally wiped out entire towns and
thousands of people at a time. Why would you want to follow a God like that? In order to see that God is a
loving God you have to understand why he is so “mean.” (Hint: God had a really good and loving reason for
doing everything He did.)  


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