Do You Want to Meet Jesus?

But you are worried that God will reject you? Especially after all the bad things you've done? Scared you can't
ever be good enough for the church ladies?

God already knows everything about you. He's seen everything you've ever done. Even when you were alone.
And He loves you anyway. God had a plan to erase all your sins forever. Now, come meet his son, Jesus!

If you don't know Jesus personally, please read and him so you can know him.

Jesus is the son of God. God sent him to free you from your sin. Before you were even born,  Jesus knew you
would seek him because all humans come to point in their life where they realize they are missing something very
important. That something isn't a something, it's a someone. It's Jesus.

God knows every ugly thing you've ever done, and he loves you anyway. Sinning separates us from God. God
misses you while you're off sinning. He wants you to come home. He isn't mad at you. He isn't going to punish you
if you come back, only if you don't. He won't ever remind you of your sins. God has his arms open, his heart open
and a huge pile of blessings for you. Blessings he has been trying to give you ever since you left his presence.

God can't wait to show you off to the angels in heaven. He wants you to know that he sent his son, Jesus, to
represent him on earth. Jesus was sent to teach you about the character of God. Jesus loved everyone, no matter
how bad they were; whether they were an outlaw, an outcast or outlandish. Jesus was always willing to stop and
be there when someone needed him. Jesus valued the young and the old, the sick and the healthy, the beautiful
and the plain, the rich and the poor. He even loved people that the world considered unlovable, unredeemable,
and unworthy. He literally gave his life for everyone who came as his friends, and he wants to count you as his

If you don't totally believe that God (and Jesus) have always loved you, consider what Jesus'  sacrifice really
meant. Most people (Christians included) don't understand why Jesus came to earth just to die. It makes no sense
unless you put it in context of the times in which Jesus lived. Prior to Jesus' coming, most people on the earth
practiced pagan rituals that involved animal sacrifice (and sometimes even people). They sacrificed animals for
every thing they did wrong. You know it's hard to stop doing certain things. Even when you don't want to sin, it can
still be hard to stop.

Imagine if you had to go through an elaborate ritual every time you messed up so God wouldn't kill you. That was
just how it was back then. God had no choice but to eliminate people who couldn't stop sinning because that
meant they were demon possessed. Before Jesus came, there was no way to remove a demon from someone.
Once a demon took over someone, and they had access to people through sin, the only way to get rid of the
demon was to kill the person.

God wasn't being "evil" or "mean," he was being merciful to these people. Their death set them free from the
demon and allowed them to join God in heaven. Sometimes large groups of people had such rampant sin that
God would eliminate entire towns. That excision of sin is similar to a surgeon cutting out cancer in the body,
sometimes the breast or the limb has to be removed to save the body. And so it was with what God did.  

God sent Jesus to change that equation. He allowed Jesus to be our "blood sacrifice." First, God heaped every
sin that would ever be committed by anyone who would ever live on Jesus. Your sins and mine and everyone
else's sins became Jesus' sins. Jesus took your sins for you, and by doing that had to give a blood sacrifice to
God to remove those sins.

All sin has to be punished and atoned (washed away). Jesus took the punishment for you. He also took the
atonement for you. Your personal atonement is still in Jesus' possession. This is why each one of has to come to
Jesus individually and ask him to be our Savior. To save us from ourselves. We can never get God's forgiveness
(atonement) unless we ask Jesus for it directly. All you have to do is ask. Jesus requires nothing else from you.
You don't have to do any kind of religious ritual, or fast, or even know anything at all about what the Bible says.
You just have to want to be free from the punishment of sin (which is misery, sickness, poverty, loneliness,
desperation, and all other bad things in life). To be free all you have to do is ask. (There's a prayer further down
this page if you need a structured prayer to ask.)

When we surrender our lives to Jesus, he takes our dirty sinful life and destroys it. And he gives us the atonement
(clean soul) that God gave to Jesus when he died on the cross for us. This is how you are saved so you can come
into the presence of God.   

You may not have committed really bad sins compared to others, or maybe some of your sins require the
punishment of death according to God's laws, but Jesus took all the punishment no matter how little or much
you've sinned. Jesus even took the sins of the most notorious mass murderers, like Adolph Hitler, John Wayne
Gacy, Ted Bundy and the 9/11 terrorists. God required Jesus to take their sins to so they had a chance to repent
too. Literally, no one can go too far that God won't forgive them. The only sin God won't forgive you of, is not
accepting the free gift of atonement that Jesus suffered and died to get for you.

You have the
choice whether you want to stand in the presence of God - clean and forgiven - or go to hell and
suffer for all eternity. This choice, this mercy, even for the worst humans ever, shows God's true character. He
doesn't want anyone to go to hell, because when we die, we become immortal in the afterlife. That immortality
means we will either live forever in beauty and love (heaven) or we will be cast off with the demons to suffer in fire
for eternity.

Jesus pay a huge price to give you the gift of freedom (from damnation and hellfire). No amount of work on your
part can earn that freedom. All you have to do is accept that gift.

Pray this right now:

    God, I ask you to forgive me of my sins. I acknowledge that Jesus died in my place.

    I didn't earn it. I don't deserve it. But I want it.

    I take the free gift of salvation from Jesus Christ right now.

    I ask that you make Jesus the Lord of my life from this moment forward.

    I will live for you. And I will diligently work to sin no more.

    I ask that your love, grace and mercy be my guiding principles, all the days of my life.


Jesus is now your best friend. You will learn more about Jesus and his Father (God) by reading the Bible. Start
with the books of John, Matthew, Luke and Mark. Feel free to talk to God (we call it praying) any time you want,
because now he's listening. He's really listening!
"You will eat the fruit of
your labor; blessings
and prosperity will be
-- Psalm 128:2
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