“The Lord directs the
steps of the godly. He
delights in every detail
of their lives.”
– Psalm 37:23
“Commit everything
you do to the Lord.
Trust him, and he will
help you.”
– Psalm 37:5
Purpose Articles

What is Your Purpose?

Without a clearly defined purpose, success is limited to your own efforts. When you move in the divine purpose
God created for you, success is expansive, true and limitless.

Your purpose is contained in your closeness to God. Old wounds, unresolved issues, physical and emotional
suffering, all keep you separated from God so you can’t live God’s call on your life.

Sovereignty and purpose are one and the same. Sovereignty means


Are You Afraid to Succeed? (audio file)

More people are afraid of success than are afraid of failure. Is your fear of success causing you to fail?  


Will You Go to Heaven or Hell? Life or Death – Choose Wisely (audio file)

We often think everyone who was a good person automatically goes to Heaven, but is it true? No, it’s not true.
You actually get to choose whether you go to Heaven or Hell, and it’s not by being good or bad. You need to
understand that not making a conscience choice means someone else will make the decision for you.


What Kind of God Demands Praise All the Time? (audio file)

God doesn’t have low self-esteem. He doesn’t “need” your praise, but you need it. Find out why you are
supposed to praise and thank God even when bad things are going on. (Hint: We aren’t thanking God for the
problem but for the solution.)


Why Less is More With God (audio file)

In God’s kingdom agreeing to keep less often brings you even more. Learn how doing giving God ways will
actually bring you more wealth. This is not the same old same old about why you should give 10% of your
income to the church or the poor. You think you own things but you don’t. Find out why?  


Does God Speak Through Psychics, Medium and Palm Readers? (audio file)

Psychics, mediums and palm readers say God is telling them things about you, your future or your dead loved
ones. How can you know the difference between a good spirit and a bad one? What about angels, do we have
our own guardian angel? Learn what the Bible says about this spirit realm.  


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