R.W.C. Consultants

We are now part of Be Fruitful Alliance! We are focusing on
writing services and stepping back from full service marketing
research and branding strategy.

We are coaching people on how to write better for business,
professional, creative, commercial and personal
communications, but our specialty expertise in marketing
research, consumer insights and branding strategy has not
changed. We will happily write your questionnaires, qualitative
and quantitative reports, but we no longer provide data
crunching or project management services.

Great ideas need to be expressed well in order to be
understood. The wide use of electronic media has created an
information driven world that is no longer very literate when it
comes to the written word. At a time when the written word is
R.W.C. Consultants
c/o Be Fruitful Alliance
P O Box 3653
Houston, Texas 77253-3653
"For the Spirit teaches
you everything you
need to know, and
what he teaches is true—
it is not a lie."
-- 1 John 2:27
"God is impervious to
evil, and puts evil in no
one's way."
-- James 1:13 (MSG)  
widely used to communicate new ideas and concepts (i.e., before they are turned into visual images or spoken
words) few people learned to write well enough to explain their concepts to get buy-in or to fund their ideas. To
reverse this trend, we decided to train others to write better.

How are we doing this?

We write all your marketing research and consumer insights collateral materials (questionnaires, proposals
(RFP's), quantitative client reports, interview instructions, concept copy, focus group guides, qualitative narrative
reports, etc.). As writers we have deep knowledge in the consumer marketing research and insights areas from
working as project managers and data analysis geeks so we understand your needs.

Report writing services includes the statistical analysis too but we no longer do the data crunching. You give us
your already crunched data (tabs) and we turn it into an easy to read report for your clients.

What else are we doing?

We are working on a set of online modules on how to write better. Many analytically-oriented researchers are
content with data but get sweaty palms over report writing; we want to change that one researcher at a time.

Please check back to see what we're going to do for regular folks too.


Please contact us directly is you
need a WRITING COACH to work one-on-one with you.


Please also check out
Be Fruitful Alliance's training, services and products.
Introducing our brand new writing series, Simply Said...

The first class is "Overcoming 3 Common Writing Problems" It addresses 3 ways to improve
the flow of your writing. The best part is there's no grammar involved (Yea!). Each class is
one-hour long.

MORNING -- July 7th (Tuesday) @ 11 ET / 10 CT / 9 MT / 8 PT    $40

EVENING -- July 13th (Monday) @ 8 ET / 7 CT / 6 MT / 5 PT        $40

Simply Said Writing Class