“The present is called a
present because it’s a
– Anonymous
Weight Loss

If you've struggled with your weight long enough, you are well aware of how hard it is to get rid of extra weight.
You probably have lost weight in the past but it keeps coming back.

You see others around you who are at a healthy weight and you wonder why you can't get there too. You also
know that carrying around extra weight is stressful on your body, including your heart, joints and even your skin.
You already know that the heavier you get, the less strength and energy you have.

You get tired easy and soon you stop doing things with others because you're simply embarrassed by your
appearance or your ability to keep up with friends and family.

You've already tried all sorts diets and eating programs. You may even have considered doing something radial
like starvation diets, liquid diets or weight loss surgery. You failed over and over, and you blame yourself.

Did you know being overweight is not your fault. Weight problems, whether overeating or under-eating, are a
sickness, and like any other disease, Jesus can heal it.

Weight problems don't usually happen without an underlying cause. The cause is something called a soul
wound. To lose weight you have to heal your soul wound(s) first. A soul wound is something that is contrary to
what God says is true about you. Soul wounds come in many forms - angry or thoughtless words spoken over
you as a child, distorted eating habits you learned from an adult or from reading diet books, genuine feelings of
pain, loneliness or abandonment being comforted by food instead of love, physical or sexual abuse that caused
you to hate your body, etc.

Before you tackle your weight problem, start thinking of food and your weight as gifts from God. Crazy, I know,
but stay with me. You've probably heard something like this before - love yourself at the weight you're at. What
I'm asking you to do goes one step further.

Accept where you are right now, no matter what your weight is, no matter what physical or health problems it
may be causing you, no matter what others say about your weight, no matter what you see in the mirror, or feel
when you try to button your pants.

Accept that God loves you exactly as you are. He isn't disappointed in you. He isn't disgusted by you. He will
never leave you. He loves you more than anyone ever could. And He will never love you any less because you
are heavy. God stands next to you whispering how much he loves you, values you and wants the best for you.

You are being incredibly selfish every time you have a negative thought or the food you are eating. That's right.
You are being selfish. God made you the food you eat and you've turned it into your enemy. You've followed
bizarre eating habits because some quack diet book told you to eat it, when God says "eat and enjoy what I've
made." You've turned your nose up at the food God has provided for you. The food that will heal you and set
you free from weight problems.   

The same is true when you speak negative things about yourself. God created you. He is incredibly pleased
with who he made you to be. He made you for a unique and amazing purpose. He is excited and thrilled to see
you fulfill that purpose. He wants you to believe what he says about you, not what anyone else says. He is the
only one who really knows who you are. Deep down you know too. You know you're amazing. You know you
weight is just a physical attribute. Something that you can change. You can lose weight, but you can't be
something God didn't make you to be. So when you insult yourself, you are calling God a liar! You are saying
God doesn't know what he's doing, and that you know more than God. You are canceling out all the blessings
and purpose God loaded into you. You are throwing your life away when you do that.

I know this is a lot to take in. I know it's a radical new way for you to think. That's the point. What you've been
doing isn't working, and it'll never work unless you let God love you. You have to believe God loves you. You
have to believe he loves you enough to want the absolute best for you. You have to believe that he will lead you
into your purpose if you'll fully trust him. But first you have to stop insulting the one God loves - that's you.

Your first step to being healed of weight problems is to be kind to the patient (that's you). Forgive yourself for
being so mean to yourself. Forgive anyone who has hurt you or been mean to you. Ask God to show you how to
love yourself and to love others the way he loves you. Then let God's love flow to you. You're worth it. Receive
it with gladness.


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"You must serve only
the LORD your God. If
you do, I will bless you
with food and water,
and I will keep you
-- (Exodus 23:25)
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