"No man can do these
miracles that thou
doest, except God be
with him."
-- John 3:2
"I beg you that when I
come I may not have to
be as bold as I expect to
be toward some people
who think that we live
by the standards of this
world. For though we
live in the world, we do
not wage war as the
world does."
-- 2 Corinthians 10:2-3
Healing Articles

When You Need Healing

When you need healing, what do you do? Do you obsessively Google your symptoms to learn all you can about
it? Rush to the nearest doctor for a prescription? Troll vitamin stores looking for supplements that match your
symptoms? Go on radical or restrictive diets to bring about healing? Call everyone you can think of to get
advice and more solutions to try?

Most people approach healing completely wrong. They believe the more they know about their condition, the
more they will feel empowered to get better.


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